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Robert Marston And Associates is an organization of senior communications professionals who get results for their clients.

Most of the agency's staff has experience in finance, journalism, law, medicine or industry. These varied backgrounds add depth and business acumen to our counsel and enhance our access, credibility and effectiveness in dealing with sophisticated journalists.

Marston professionals have worked effectively with clients across the spectrum of industries and economic sectors. We have deep experience serving America's most important and largest corporations and business leaders, as well as many of the most innovative and successful entrepreneurs.

In the firm's more than four decades, we have successfully handled scores of corporate crises, managed numerous product launches, served hundreds of diverse clients and navigated a multitude of business challenges. As a group, we have handled virtually every communications situation imaginable, and even some unimaginable.

Marston has been very selective in the clients with which we choose to work. We will not consider serving clients we do not respect or whose business we do not believe in. We also take pride in adhering to our strong principles and provide services only to those companies and organizations that have won our confidence and respect because they have demonstrated high corporate values and ethical business practices.